Our Spinnig Pin Related Products
・Top Comb-----Remove foreign substances and too short fibers
・Uni Comb-----Used with top comb, and help standardizing the quality of weaving The best seller product for more than 40 years
・Hi Comb-------Used with top comb, and experienced users can produced high level and high quality coating by enabling unrestrictedplacement of the spinning pins
・Excel Comb----Mainly used for sheep wool;a promising product in this field
Products of our tufting machines include:
・sutomobile interiors
・warming carpets
・entrance mat systems
・kitchen/bath mats
・flooring tile carpets for airports/offices/hotels
・High-precision M/C processing for SUS316L and aluminum
・Prototype and mass production of parts Φ20mm for automobile and light electric appliance manufactures
・Wire-cut electrical discharge processing for die/mold materials
・Processing of quartz glass and PX glass, carving grid lines with the width of 0.15mm and the depth of 0.2mm
・Small diameter hole(20μm)processing for engineering plastics(SUMIKA SUPER)
・Small diameter hole processing for polyimide,machinable ceramics, and SUS316L (for semi-conductor manufactring/testing devices, medical equipments, and LCD devices)
・Chipless cutting for wrapping silicon wafers