Diamond-Like Carbon -- Proof of Our Creativity

Diamond-Like Carbon
Diamond-Like Carbon(DLC) is attracting a great deal of attention in nanotechnology and new materials technology.DLC is an ideal coating having the haedress comparable with diamond, and having low friction , elevtrical insulation, chemical inertness,resistance to wear, and gas barrier.DLC has a wide variety of application including coatings of automobile engine parts, electronic device,and PET bottles.

Cutting the Cost to 1/3
In corporation with Noda professors emeritus at Aichi University of Education and Prof.Suzuki at Mie University,we have established DLC manufacturing technology utilizing pilsed discharge plasma chemical vapor deposition , which reduces the manufacturing cost of DLC to 1/3.Using this technology, we are providing combing needles with extremely high durability to our customers.Moreover ,we are applying this technology to improve the durability of dies and molds,and manufacturing of coating machings.