Combing Needles
Combing Needles are the key to the high quality weaving. Good combing Needls remove foreign substances and extract long fibers efficiently. We have been pursuing the ideal combing pins with good abrasion quality and durability over half a century,and most of our manufacturing machines are proprietary.
Tufting Machines
We are the only one manufacturer of tufting machines(carpet weaving machines)in Japan.For more than twenty years, we have been improving our unique products for easy-to-use operation.With thousands of stepping motors,we realized stepless length adjustment,and flexible adjustment of weaving and patterns.
High-precision Processing
We have been cultivating our technology for metal processing through the pursuit of high level combing needles and carpet manufacturing machines,Peterman-type automatic lathes, and wire-cut electrical discharge machines, we provide high-precision proccessing technology for metals,including SUS304,SUS316L, and super steel.
Microfabrication technology is vital to the research and development of semi-conductor, LCD, and optical component technology.Our unique emphasis on microfabication of fragile materials,such as quartz glass and silicon water,has led us to a unique position in this market.We have realized almost chipless high precision processing parts using state-of-the-art 3D CAD/CAM devices.